Installing official apps onto frappe/frappe_docker instance

Hi there,
I have succesfully installed an instance of frappe/frappe_docker using docker-compose with the preconfigured pwd.yml file.

However, I have found out that apps cannot be installed on the instance using bench get-app from inside the running container; first the hard way and then hidden away in this documentation.

After another day of trying, the directions provided for installation of additional apps remain opaque to me and I was wondering if anyone has any concrete and clear advice as to how to run a frappe/frappe_docker pwd.yml instance with additional apps installed (without using extensive CI/CD tools).


Thanks in advance.

I did it on my local machine as part of this Livestream

Check from timestamp 1:09:34

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Thanks @revant_one. Appreciate your help. As per your instruction, I have managed to get clean/new instances up and running with a selection of apps, but, I am struggling to get it working for an existing instance/set of volumes. The custom image bench builds the apps successfully, but the changes don’t seem to carry across when frappe is docker-composed. Do you have any suggestions?

  • change image for bench services from frappe/erpnext to your custom image
  • after image is replaced sync apps.txt with ls -1 apps > sites/apps.txt
  • install app on site with bench --site ... install-app app_name

Ok, thanks for the prompt reply! I’ll try that!