Installing on Digital Ocean Droplet with an IP address

I tried to go through the following guidelines while deploying a fresh ERPNext instance on Digital Ocean droplet, Its working fine but its not accessible and I could not find steps to make it available for domain name through digital ocean Droplet.

Download the Easy Install script and execute it:

$ wget $ python3 --prod --email your@email.tld

This script will install docker on your system and will fetch the required containers, setup bench and a default ERPNext instance.

The script will generate MySQL root password and an Administrator password for the Frappe/ERPNext instance, which will then be saved under $HOME/passwords.txt of the user used to setup the instance. It will also generate a new compose file under $HOME/<project-name>-compose.yml.

When the setup is complete, you will be able to access the system at http://<your-server-ip>, wherein you can use the Administrator password to login.

So when I access the instance using the IP address it gives me 404 error! I guess the command given in the documentation needs some changes

$ wget $ python3 --prod --email your@email.tld

this command creates site1. localhost default site name and use it in compose.yml file instead it should be supplied with IP address? or Domain name and then supposed to be added in nginx configs? Anyway, my first priority is to solve this 404 error. Can someone guide me?