Installing on Ubuntu 14.04

Is there any simple and step by step documentation for installing erpnext on ubuntu 12.04. Please post a link or document about it. Anyone?

Sorry about ubuntu version. Its 14.04.

You can find instructions right here : GitHub - frappe/bench: CLI to manage Multi-tenant deployments for Frappe apps

I am quite new to linux. This link just downloads a file, What to do next and is there any documentation of how to use the file? please help!

Just run sudo bash --setup-production in the same folder. Make sure your system is fresh as well.

If you’re not well versed with linux I wouldn’t recommend setting up a server. If you want to just checkout ERPNext you can go to

You can also download our VM and follow the instructions here :

You can also signup for a free plan : ERPNext Pricing 2022

I have installed python 2.7. Now in the text file in zip folder “”, it says, “You have to explicitly start services by running bench start”.

how to perform this action.? (I tried this few days back, and i ended changing permission of whole directry, i cudnt perform any RWX opration on pc, so i had to reinstall my linux.)

i am installing developement

In your terminal, cd into the folder frappe-bench which is in your home directory and type bench start there.

I am following instructions from this page Manually Install Frappe on Ubuntu 14.04 With a Remote SQL Server | Limited
and i am stuck here, dont know what to do now: