Installing the environment in Ubuntu Server 24.04 LTS

We are testing the frappe, ERPNEXT, HRMS, Print Designer, Builder, India Compliance, Wen Shop and Chat apps on Ubuntu Server 24.04 LTS.

The Only problem observed so far is the compatibility with Python 3.12

As Ubuntu 24.04 LTS comes with Python3.12 as default so we thought to give it a try to test the system on updates dependencies.

Everything is working like a charm and it is much faster than ubuntu 22.04 server. The only issue is that Print Designer doesn’t support python 3.12 and is not able to generate the PDF files despite of having proper setup (apart from python where we are using 3.12 istead of 3.10 or 3.11.

Can any one help us with Print Designer being compatible with Python3.12???


I am not so versed in Print Design Builder and never used it. But I have opened it under Ubuntu 24.04 and it seems to be fine.

Maybe you can explain what is not working in Print Designer in more details?

For your installation procedure, are you following the typical steps that have been published in several other ERPN installations? How did you install the python3 dependencies?