Installing webshop on v15

Hello everyone,
I encountered an error while installing the webshop on version V15. Is anyone currently using the web shop on V15?

Hi @Xu_Mi,

If you want to use erpnext version 15 then install the app like

bench get-app --branch version-15 webshop

Could you explain what kind of problems you encountered during installation? Can you provide more details about the issues or difficulties you faced?


Once I’ve installed the webshop, I can’t operate on ERPNext. The software will report errors as shown in the image.

Please check the field is available or not.

Thank You!

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Any module is affected by this error.

Copy error to clipboard and paste the error here.

Please verify if all custom fields for item groups are present.

otherwise uninstall and app and again install it and check it.

Thank You!


Thank you so much!!!
Please help me with another issue. I run a gas business, and when selling products, I lend gas cylinders to customers, which they return after use. How can I set up tracking for these gas cylinders per sales order and per customer?

I think you need to start a new discussion for the new issue. It’s a large community, so if someone knows the solution to your scenario, they will respond to you.

Can you explain it a bit, I understand you lend the cylinder and customers use gas and return the empty cylinder.
Then what do you do, do you refill and issue the same cylinder to the same customer? Do you collect that cylinder and issue a replacement for the customer, aand send the cylinder to another place for refilling?
Do you have serial numbers and/or barcodes for the cylinders?

Your scenario is similar to the Library Management System tutorial. If you are comfortable with code, I would review that.

A customer will have multiple invoices, and each invoice will have a different quantity of gas cylinders. For example, on 05/03, the customer bought 5 gas cylinders - borrowed 5 cylinders. On 10/03, the customer bought 10 gas cylinders - borrowed 10 cylinders and wants to return 3 cylinders. I need to track which invoices the customer wants to return cylinders for and the total outstanding amount for each invoice. I will use those cylinders and refill them to sell to different customers, not just one customer.

I’m not really skilled in coding, but I can ask for assistance. Please help me.

It sounds like posting a job listing for this customization would be your best option.

Basically, you sell the gas not cylinders. Your customer borrows cylinders and returns later.
Do they pay for the time they keep the cylinders with them?
Do you take some kind of deposit (cash) when customers borrow, because the cylinders may get damaged or lost, or may not return at all - they can go for another supplier aren’t they?

this help me to solve the problem