Installs, Repairs and Maintenance

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The main source of income for the business I’m developing ERPNext for is Sound equipment. This means that when they buy the equipment they also pay for installation. Later on they may require either service visits or repairs.

I understand that service visits and repairs can be done through the Maintenance module in Support, but how can Installations be handled as part of the Selling? The Sales invoice needs to include an entry for labour and I can’t see how to make that happen. Hopefully I’m just missing something and it doesn’t need to be customised. It seems like a very basic thing that ERPNext should just do.

We simply add all such charges in “Sales Taxes and Charges Template”.

Seems to me you could also add service items for labour.

That would make sense actually. Currently most installation costs are fixed, so it’s not like I need a per hour labour cost…

The issue here is that sales tax and a flat installation charge are independent. In fact, sales tax needs to be applied to installation as well, so conflating the two doesn’t seem ideal.

You will still be able to apply the sales tax on the same, so that doesn’t arise as an issue in ERPNext. The only point on differentiation in my opinion is how it looks in the Print Format.

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Really? Ok, I’m going to try both of those suggestions now and see how it looks.

Why can’t you have per hour item charges, and fill in the hours also?

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Good point. I can’t believe I didn’t think to make it a unit of hours…