Insuffecent Stock Error while Creating Delivery Note

Hi. I’m new to ERPNext and I’m still trying this out. Anyways, while making Delivery note from Sales Order or Sales Invoice, I always encounter Insufficent Stock error even if there’s a stock in my warehouse. I would delete the Delivery Note sometimes and create a new one and sometimes it will work but most of the time, I get the Insufficent Stock Error.

Is this a bug or I am missing something?


please check the stock available warehouse and delivery warehouse is same it will work.


Yes it’s the same. I deleted the delivery note and make another one. It worked. So I wonder if there’s a bug or something. I always make Delivery Note from Sales Order or Sales Invoice.

Thanks for your reply:)

hello @FunShoppe,
The time not updated so it will give error.just change the time means set the current time in delivery note.


@Sagar, Thats it! thanks:)

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