Insufficient permission for Child doctype

I have a link field that links to a child table. When other users try to access the field, it gives an Insufficient Permission error for Reel Items. Since it is a child doctype, it cannot be granted permission to the role in the Role Permission Manager. However, I have given full permission to the parent form, Reel. I would appreciate your assistance in resolving this issue

I’ve run into seemingly similar and unexpected issues with child table permissions with v14 as well. I recently had to add ignore_permissions=True to several frappe.get_list calls in my code where Child Tables were being queried. It would be nice to know how/why this is occurring…

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It is a link field to the Child Table in the Reel Transfer doctype.

I’ve recently upgraded to v14 and am seeing this issue with dashboard charts that access ITEM child tables. So far - Sales order Items, Delivery Note Items my role is system manager and pre upgrade these charts worked without a problem.

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What is the solution for this issue? We are on version 15, still having the same issue.