Insufficient Permission for Communication

When I try to edit a comment on an Issue, I get this error:

Insufficient Permission for Communication

I’m Administrator and use the latest master version.

By editing the “Role permissions” of “Communication” and selecting “All” for the user, and giving the write permission, it works. I think these should be standard to be update safe. Amend wasn’t necessary.

How can I push things like this to the core?

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login to github. goto frappe /erpnext . You can create a pull request from here with your branch.


This has been bugging me a long while Thanks

But I run into a different problem now… For each email i delete I get one of the below in background workers that maxes out the cpu to 99% for about two minutes apiece.


Obviously when interface takes this long there is something wrong. any ideas?

You’re welcome. I will see if I find the file to correct to create a pull request.

I will try this and report to you, If I face similar problems and know a solution.

EDIT: You mean deleting email from the email app?

yes, though digging deeper i’ve found something linked.

In and in my install if you as a normal user rreate a comment on any doctype press comment then use the pencil icon to edit your comment then press the tick icon it fails but says insufficent permissions for communication.

When i added ‘Amend’ to users for communication as well as Delete this fixes the comments issue.

I thought that the comments would have to be fixedn for each doctype which would be a pain but apparently not … This really should be working …

I dont code so can’t help in that respect I’m afraid /./