Insufficient Permission for designation - New Lead Doctype

Greetings Nice People! I am facing the “Insufficient Permission for Designation” error when creating New Lead with one of the users’ accounts I previously created. Though this problem eliminates when I do this with the Administrator account.

The user is a Sales Manager and his inside his role profile; “Sales Manager”, “Sales Master Manager”, “Leave Approver”, and “Employee” roles are checked. Is there anything I’m missing? I need help on this, thank you.

Here is the screenshot.

Hi @Aamir_Khan,

Good Catch, this should be improved, but for a time being, you may apply quick-fix:

Login with Administrator User > Users > Role Permissions Manager.

Click ‘Add A New Rule’ button and select Document Type as ‘Designation’, select ‘Role’ as ‘Sales User’, let remain ‘Permission Level’ to 0. And, Add.

Repeat same process for Roles, Sales Master Manager & Sales Manager.

Select ‘Designation’ from ‘Select Document Type’ dropdown section. You will see, Read permissions for Designation for all assigned roles. You may add or remove permissions accordingly.

This will resolve your issue.

Thank you so much Mr. Seervi, this solved my problem. But a salesperson should be able to read the designations by default.

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Agree. Hence, raised PR: fix: designation insufficient permission on lead doctype. by asharamseervi · Pull Request #25331 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

Let’s wait till get it merged!

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Just checked your pull request is merged. :slightly_smiling_face:

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