Insufficient Permission for Employee HR-EMP-######

Hello Everyone :wave:

I created a User Permission for each employee
but I don’t see any employee on the Employee Doctype

I don’t know why he didn’t show the data I specified to him.
In Employee Doctype

another Doctype in Employee Check-in Doctype

from his screen at HR MODULES

When I deleted User Permission for each employee,
I didn’t see all employees; just 4 out of 14 employees.

In Employee Doctype after deleted

Installed Apps

ERPNext: v13.22.1 (version-13)

Frappe Framework: v13.22.1 (version-13)

But I tried to create a new employee, and everything looks good.
I don’t know why this happens to other employees.

Hello Mohammed,

One way to check is add back the permissions that you require, Open the employee and click on the sign to see which permission he is getting. This will give you the restrictions applicable on that employee itself.

Hello Aijaz,

Thanks for the reply.
This is the limitation applied to this employee himself.

Why doesn’t his data appear in the employee Doctype?

Hello Mohammed,

Thats the issue, This employee is restricted to Field expense,leave and shift approver as himself.

for example, Im employee HR-EMP-00013.
My restrictions are
1- Company ( Which is ok)
2- Name (HR-EMP-000013) Which is again ok
3- Expense approver , Shift approver and leave approver is my own name and this is concern.

Employee doctype will check and only show me employee in which expense approver name is my name.

is this employee supposed to see all the other employees? or he only is seeing employees he is leave approver?

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Hello Aijaz,

No, not all employees are supposed to see and also had permission in Expense approver, Shift approver and leave approver.

And I’ll edit it.

Thank you