Insufficient permission for role in item group

kindly help me out

i have given role permission but also i get popup

Check Role Permissions Manager in that Select Role and Doctype
I think there is no permission for this doctype.

i gave permission for role for that particular doctype so kindly chk it

Hi @arokia

Did you find any solution?

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When are you getting this error? Could you help us with the screenshot? Check in Role Permissions Manager. Select the doctype and check if the role has appropriate access rights to the report.

Hi @michelle

Thanks for responding. The issue can be easily replicated. Just log in with any user that does not have System Manager or Administrator role and try to view the Role list. It doesn’t matter that you have given All roles permission to view the Role doctype via the Role Permission Manager, they still can’t view Role list

This affects things like the Asset Maintenance Team document where Role is one of the options to be selected. The user cannot select this unless we give them System Manager role! Please see screenshots below:

Please help look into this


Hi @wale

Hi @wale,

I was able to replicate this issue. Will fix it soon and update the status here. Thanks for reporting.

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