Insufficient permission for Role

given role permission in role permission manager but also i get “insufficient permission for Role”
i gave permission for role for that particular doctype so kindly say wat to do for it.

u must add other role that connected with core roles :grinning:

k let me know is thr any link with customize role and core role. What are the core role ?


k let me try this

on giving permission for the above mentioned no changes .

Which version are you on. v10 or v11 since there is a big difference in the way permissions work in these versions.

am using erp 10.

gave permission for all role but also no changes i get this permission issue

gave permission for the particular doc with the role but i get insufficient perm in role

gave perm for all

what document is it that shows the error insufficient permission?
you are supposed to give role to that document type

i have given permission for the role in role permission manager thn too i get this msg

what document are you trying to access? is it Item Group document or which is it?

In item group doc…on clicking role it shows insufficient perm for role
i gave permission for that role in doctype

then in Permission Manager, you should check the permission for Item Group and not permission for Role

i gave permission for item group but there is field for role on clicking that it shows a insufficient perm so how to solve it

does the field Role have Field permission Levels? like permission 1, 2, ,…?

given permission level is 0

Hi @Nivedha

Did you find any solution to this pls?

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