"Insufficient Permission for Setup Progress" message just after Login

Just after login I am getting message Insufficient Permission for Setup Progress, see picture below. When I push Close everything works fine, however, the message is annoying. How one can remove it?
I am using development version (installed from git few days ago).

THis happens for the users that are nor System Managers. System Managers does not see this message.

Sorry for the issue caused.
Created a github issue for this
Will update you soon on this.

Just pushed a fix. Thanks for reporting :slight_smile:

I replaced two files that were corrected, deleted .pyc files in folders, restarted bench. .pyc. files were regenerated, however, I am still getting the same message.
Should I do anything else? Is there any bench command that would refresh all files involved? I am in production mode (with developer_mode = 1 in config_site. json), and bench update is not an option dues merge conflicts…
EDIT: not sure if it is correct, however,

bench migrate

did trick to me.