Insufficient Permission for Web Template

On a Production ERPNext: v13.23.0 (version-13), Frappe Framework: v13.23.0 (version-13), a user with role Web Manager, and assess to all modules, when creates a webpage, and try to select Web Template, gets alert:

Not permitted

Insufficient Permission for Web Template

What role I need to assign more to allow that user to create web pages?

To learn which Roles have permissions, do the following:

  1. Open the “Role Permissions Manager” page.
  2. In the filter named “Select Document Type”, choose Web Template.

The screen will automatically refresh. It will display all Roles associated with Web Template. See screenshot below.

In your situation, the only available role is System Manager. This is a somewhat risky role, because it has access to almost everything. My advice is one of the following:

  • Edit an existing Role, and grant new Permissions to Web Template.
  • Create a new Role, with Permissions for Web Template.

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