Insufficient Permission Restricted Field

Hai everyone,
Am getting this error while saving the record after selecting the same employee in a doctype. User has the employee and particular doctype permission.

If i select a different employee this error doesn’t exists.

Anyway to sort it out…?


Does it have access to the field quality? Have you applied perm level or something?

@michelle It has the access to quality field, while selecting the other employee it allows to save. No perm level applied in doctype. Any suggestion?

The error seems something related to user permissions. Could you please check if there are user permissions applied for this user?

@michelle The particular employee has the permission for that record. Is there anything else to check?

What does the quality field show? Is it a link field? If yes, to what doctype is it linked to?
Also, what user permissions are applied to the user?

Yes it is a link field. Linked to employee doctype. The user the particular doctype permission: read, write, create etc… and also as the employee doctype read permission.

Seems the user filling the form does not have user permission to select this particular employee. Can you check the suer permission list please?

Actually am selecting the same user who am logged in the quality field, then how does the user won’t have that permission. What to be checked in user permission list?