Insufficient Stock Error, but warehouse have Stock


I’ve facing invalid Insufficient Stock error, i’ve 1 qty in in my warehouse, but when i am posting its delivery note its giving me the error.
I already checked the warehouse and dates, delivery note datetime is greater than stock entry datetime.

Delivery Note. Datetime 25-08-2020 10:37 PM
Stock Entry Datetime 24-08-2020 5:17 PM

Delivery Note Screenshot.

Stock Ledger Screenshot.

BIN Screenshot.

Can you find out why there are 2 reserved qty? Cancel the Sales order which have blocked these and try again.

I’ve two sales order for this item, i am making delivery against one of the sales order.

From manual

Reserved Qty: Quantity ordered for sale by your Customer (Sales Order), but not delivered (via a Delivery Note). This quantity increases when a Sales Order is submitted and decreases when a Delivery Note or Sales Invoice is created against that Sales Order is submitted.

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@Muzzy thanks for your reply i understand,
but what is the solution for now? what transaction should i do? i’ve 1 qty in warehouse and i want to deliver against one sales order and its not allowing.

Or somehow can i disable this restriction without changing core?

Check the stock ledger as well as balance reports. This error is usually caused if the qty is not available at that particular timestamp sometimes due to a posting done in future.

hello @kennethsequeira

see attach Stock ledger entry, the datetime is past 2 days, and still today not allowing to post delivery note.

Try this. Duplicate the stock entry. Give backdated time date. Submit it. Delete original entry to bring stock back to actual value. Then try again to make DN.

Thanks @Muzzy @kennethsequeira,
The issue was because i was submitting the delivery note on after_insert event,
Now i changed the event to on_update, and its working fine.