Insufficient stock error while creating work order

Hello ,

when i have create a work order and after submiting the stock entry got an error

how to fix this issue can anyone help me for the same

Make stock entry of purpose material receipt for Warehouse Work In Progress - PAMPL for item

in my case i have create one work order add item in that submit the work order after that start the work order in that check one item is not qty is low so i have create on purchase reciept for that item and take that item from another warehouse after taking that item i full fill my request but wheni submit the stock entry then it gives the above error …
but after some time it will be submitted why this happen
i want imegiate submit it

Already enter the stock entry for the same item …

Still facing same issue anyone can help me…

Can you give a picture of your item stock level like this

In my case the positing time not update that’s why it will give an error …when i added the stock item thorugh the purchase reciept then the stock is ok due to posting time not updated thats why the iss will rise can u please help me

Still i am facing same issue

@satish_malkar upto my understanding i think you dont have much stock in approved. the 4000 qty is in reserved which means you have ordered so kindly check if you face any issue.

ok will check