Insufficient Stock

Hi, we are ERPNext hosted user. from 1st April we have start using this software.

But on Delivery note we are getting Insufficient Stock message whereas stock is enough. please suggest what could be the reason. Screen shot is available for your reference.

hi @Sumit_Arora,
please check in the stock balance report stock is available or not for your item in the respected warehouse.


@sagar please have look on below screenshot, there is stock available for this date


What is the posting date of Purchase Receipt/stock opening balance entry?

In the version 8, you can expect enhancement on this front. Posting Date for the Delivery Note will be revised on submission.

Did you follow this steps to create Delivery Note. Please confirm.

  1. Created Delivery Note, but found that stock is not available.
  2. Added stock.
  3. Trying to submit Delivery Note once again, but getting error message.

Please ensure that Posting Date and TIME of Delivery Note is not before stock receipt entry. If so, correct delivery note posting date and time (in more info. section), and then try to submit.


Thanks Umair, it is exactly same happen what you mention in your step. So I created new delivery note and it done. Thanks

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Having stuck with same issuse Insufficient -stock after entering the stock of item still getting same issue …