Integrate Adobe sign

Hi everyone.
If I have a workflow and at the end of the workflow, I want the output to be a PDF file signed and certified by Adobe.
Can integrate Adobe sign with erpnext ?

would love a reply from the community

While I have not used this Dokos / eSignature · GitLab it should do what you want. It is from the Dokos fork.

One this i can recommend you take a look at is Docuseal. We have been working with it a few clients over the past few months with HR documents and have it integrated with ERPNext and N8N and it working really well.

can you help me with the steps to integrate please @woakes070048

Hello Sorry for the late reply. We have been building a module and are close to putting it on github. For now we are using n8n to integrate, since we are using advanced workflows for our use case. But as time goes on we will be integrating the API

appreciate your reply,
good to hear that its being developed,
do let us kniw once its comlpeted,
looking forward to it.

Yeah this is what we have working so far.