Integrate biometric device for auto-attendance

Upon scanning the forum, I learnt there are 3 ways to integrate a biometric device for auto attendance:

  1. manually uploading attendance records - which I do not prefer
  2. using this script which will need a computer in the same LAN and it will push records to server - I prefer not to use this as well.
  3. API integration as written here in 2.2 which is what I like to implement.

I believe this can be achieved without using any 3rd party server like CAMS that I found in the forum.
If its possible to achieve this without any such external tools, can anyone guide me through the steps/process ?

@anupd If you can (a). either give your biometric device(s) public IPs or (b). route the private IPs of the biometric device(s) to your public IP then you can install the script in your ERPNext instance and push the checkin/checkout data. These options assume your server is in the cloud. If it’s local then option (a) without requiring public IP is easily your best option. This way you get the benefit of 2 and 3 without requiring extra hardware.

But what you cannot avoid is deploying the script as that’s the only way known to this forum to integrate biometric attendance machine for auto attendance (besides using the CAMS service of course).

Hi @flexy2ky ,
Thank you so much for your idea. My server is in the cloud (self hosted) so there would be no problem running scripts. Could you help me with the script, please ?

Also, I have biometric devices at multiple locations. How can I achieve the same for multiple devices ?

I am still waiting for a reply.

If the erpnext instance and biometric device are running in different networks, then you have to go with web api communication. web api is paid service. For the erpnext you can either go for the paid service ErpNext Integration - ErpNext Integration with Live Biometric Attendance System (from Ver.11.0.3) | Cams Biometrics or implement your server component based on the web api 3.0 Biometric Web API for Time and Attendance System | BioAPI | Cams Biometrics.

In this , you only need to have the internet available to your biometric device, no need of any public ip to your biometric device. You can integrate biometric devices located in various locations into single erpnext server instance

Hello @ranadheeran,

Thanks for your explanation.

May I know if this script will work for CAMS biometric devices on the same LAN network as the biometric device?


Cams Biometrics machines do support only Web API ( The documentation: Universal Biometric API for Time and Attendance System | Biometric Web API| Cams Biometrics)