Integrate ERPNEXT and AMAZON

one of my friend want to start a business to sell products in AMAZON (US) . i want to know is it any app for erpnext to integrate with amazon ?
If not any suggestion which open source accounting and inventory available to integrate with AMAZON .

I am in the process of developing as integrating between zapier and ERPNEXT. Once it is done i hope to share the docs [how we built the app], so others can build thier own zapier apps. The app is zapier CLI based. I am not the developer :smile:

Once that is ready, will look at connecting Zapier to Amazon market place. If you wish to accelerate and sponsor, PM me pls. :slight_smile:

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why should we turning piece of food around the head and eat ?
what’s benefit of zapier in this scenario ? I think it’s much better and easier if directly erpnext integrate with amazon .

Go ahead my friend and show us the way. :slight_smile:

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You can used API or IFRAME for Integrate ERPNEXT with AMAZON.

Thanks :slight_smile: