Integrate into erpnext


Looking at the integration of into ERPNEXT, what is the best way to get data from the system.

Has anyone tried to do this

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Hi @arconi2018,

Fullcalendar is already the default calendar for ERPNext. You can find a lot of different integration cases within the source code of Frappe and ERPNext.

Can you please be a little bit more specific about what you are trying to achieve ?

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oh right, jut didn’t seem to have as many features. Interactive Work Load and Capacity Planner. something like the one below.



I agree, a lot of work still needs to be done on the calendar to add interesting capabilities, especially capacity planning, etc…

I suggest you open an issue on Github with a detailed functional requirement (else it has no chance of being ever done) or better: post a job on and sponsor this enhancement if you can.

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Hi both,

I agree on this, a strong calendar integration is very important for many planning topics. E.g. planning the occupation of hotel rooms (add a booking directly from the calendar view), planning employee work hours (e.g. for receptionists at many doctors, …).

Would also support on this topic…

Cheers for your fast response.

I have worked with a number of SME, legal, educational, industrial, medical and all use planners, calendars to a great degree.

Do you have any Consultants based in the UK.

I will look at different offerings and come up with some ideas

I am also interested in sponsoring work.



ok think ive done it Feature Request Calendar/Planner add new features · Issue #15531 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub