Integrate my typeforms into CRM

I use Typeform on my website. I like their look and feel much more than the standard webforms in ERPNext.

Now I want to integrate the Typeform in ERPNext. Typeform provides a rich set of connectors available here:

The one I am more interested in is webhooks integration. When a form is submitted, Typeform will call a webhook with the form data and issue it to my desired listener.

I did some research, and it seems that ERPNext webhooks integration is only for triggering events and not listening to them. So I found three possible solutions so far:

  1. a whitelisted function as discussed in this post: ERPNext WebHooks - #9 by revant_one
  2. Use to create my webhook listener, which directly updates my ERPNext MySql database.
  3. build a JSON object using a middle-man service like Zapier. discussed here: Zapier integration with ERPNext - #45 by Mike_Z

I am a complete beginner, and I will have to learn it from scratch. So any help will be appreciated. How do you think I should tackle this issue?

I use to catch webhooks and post to erpnext. Works well, and is free. I also use Zapier, but would like to migrate away to save some money. Writing your own endpoint in nodejs would probably be the most flexible long term solution.
Michael Zareno

Thanks for replying. I will check

What about custom API server scripts in ERPNext. can they provide the same functionality? are API the same as webhooks?

So, a listener is just an endpoint on your server, running a nodejs or python script typically. I don’t know much more than that, as I usually spec that bit out and get someone to write me something :grinning:

i tried pipedream working but posting data come same as parameter can you tell us how we can do that?