Integrating a mobile QR code or a scanner for Inventory

Has anyone tried integrating a mobile QR code or a scanner to ERPnext Inventory


Working on it. Project 50% complete.

A “Where’s the darned Motorcycle” for a Royal Enfield dealer.




I am looking to put a Raspberry PI and a off the shelf barcode scanner to track wire bundles in my godown
I will update on progress , but how do I interface the hardware to erpnext some API is required right ?

Just for info
I have implemented Raspberry PI and Zigbee based RD relay I used my xampp server for IOT interface from my website

Use QR Codes. Bar codes require a bar code scanner. With QR Codes you can use a low cost android device.

Not sure about Raspberry PI, but we are using Rest API on the Android.



Here we will also need applications that connect to the api rest from android, any feedback that can tell us @JayRam will be welcome.

Right now we have one made with ionic reading the barcode or qr from the native api Andriod, takes pictures that you assign to that code to a server and upload those photos by api rest to later used in uploaded to Ebay. We are selling second hand products, real photos of products are very important for the clients.

When we have erpnext running we will have to adapt it and there will be no problem in releasing the code.

Frappe Authenticator adds Frappe user accounts on android devices. GitHub - revant/AndroidFrappeAuthenticator

Once account is added,

Android / Java has many libraries available.
e.g. you wish to have a bottom bar fragment navigation? use BottomBar and FragNav
use SugarORM for ORM, Fotoapparat for taking and manipulating photos. You can build apps very rapidly on Android.

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Won’t it make more sense to just take a picture and use Rest API for ERPNext to setup the Item Master with image, and whatever that eBay needs to setup that item on eBay. As the Android devices uses Rest API and negotiates setting up the Item Master on ERPNext, you can use a Portable Bluetooth enabled printer to print the QR Code Sticker and you stick the QR Code Sticker on the Item so that shipment can be handled by ERPNext.

Are you writing the interface between eBay and ERPNext so that as an order is received on eBay, the order is setup on ERPNext and the shipment can happen.

It will be very interesting to see how you manage this whole process once you are ready to launch.



We need them for physical stores too. Its very important remark the importance of real photos in second hand bussiness :slight_smile: We dont have fixed catalog, all products are unique.