Integrating data collected from third party app


We have been using ERP next in our organisation for some time. In our efforts to digitize other processes we are planning to use ODK collect android app to collect data from the field. The app runs on google app engine. We plan to populate this data in the relevant sections of ERP next. Would need help on following

  1. Exporting data from google app engine

  2. Converting the data into appropriate format

  3. Integrating the relevant data into ERP next

Please let me know if anyone of you have worked on app integrations before would love to know your experience.


By relevant do you mean in existing ERPNext doctypes?
Otherwise you may need to create new custom doctypes to store your data and use REST API to post data from your Google app. Refer to this for an example: GitHub - frappe/frappe-client: Python library to use Frappe API