Integrating ERP and CRM from different vendors

Hello everyone,

Generally speaking, if you were to integrate ERP and CRM from different vendors (to push sales and customer data back and forth, in specific workflows), what would be best way to approach that (in general terms, no need for specifics).

For example, would you have each system push data to the other system when changes occur within it (for example if customer payment plan is updated in the CRM, then it automatically pushes data to the ERP system via some kind of API framework), or would you have a third database created where both systems push their data into and can read from as needed? Or perhaps another approach?

I have read about Skyvia and similar tools that can do this, but I’d rather have it done at the vendor (or software) level without having to subscribe to other third party tools.

there is a Zappier integration for ERPNext. Maybe that would be something to look at (which would not match your “without having to subscribe to other third party tools” though).

Hello and thanks for your response! Yes I’ve come across Zapier, as well as Skyvia and Scribe Online, all of which are good tools. I’m trying more so to understand the conceptual approach to general CRM-ERP integrations (and if more responsibility lies on the CRM side or ERP side, where would an API sit if any, what are the typical best practice approaches, etc).

I think ERPNext would say … „I have a build in CRM Module. Why not use that?

I personally haven’t used that yet though, so I can’t say how good that is.