Integrating ERP System with ZATCA Phase 2 Implementation

Dear Community Members,

I am currently facing an issue while working on the integration of our ERP system with the ZATCA Phase 2 implementation. Specifically, I am encountering an error during the generation of the CSR (Certificate Signing Request).

Despite thorough research and troubleshooting attempts, I haven’t been able to resolve this issue on my own. Therefore, I am reaching out to seek guidance and assistance from those who might have experience or expertise in this area.

If anyone has successfully integrated an ERP system with ZATCA Phase 2 or has knowledge regarding CSR generation errors within this context, I would greatly appreciate any insights, tips, or guidance you could provide.

Thank you in advance for your time and support.

The error message I receive upon attempting to create the CSR is as follows:


@Past_Papers are you using the sdk or building the app from scratch ?

@bahaou Thanks for your Reply I am using the SDK

@Past_Papers so basically the sdk packages are not installed inside the frappe environment. anyways , I suggest to not use the sdk and write the code yourself in python language , it’s much easier and efficient.