Integrating ERPNext with an Existing Site Hosting a Custom Frappe App: Best Practices

I’m navigating through the process of integrating ERPNext with an existing Frappe site that currently hosts a custom app. The goal is to add ERPNext functionality to this site without starting from scratch, ideally preserving the integrity and continuity of the data already present and associated with the custom app(This includes users, workflows, dashboards, notifications etc).

I’m curious if there’s a streamlined method to achieve this integration, allowing ERPNext to coexist with the custom app on the same site, without necessitating a site reinstallation. The key here is to maintain data continuity and avoid any data loss from the custom app during the integration process.

Here are the specific inquiries I have in mind:

  • Is there a direct approach to install ERPNext on a site that already has a custom Frappe app running, without the need to reinstall or reset the site?
  • In the scenario where a direct installation isn’t feasible, what are the recommended strategies for incorporating ERPNext while ensuring the existing data from the custom app remains intact and unaltered?
  • Any tips, tools, or best practices for seamlessly merging ERPNext into an established site framework, particularly focusing on data preservation and system integrity.