Integrating ERPNext with our crm

Hello, I’m new to ERPNext and frappe. I’ve explored the framework and the tutorials In the documentation. At my company, we decided to try ERPNext to offer our customers a full ERP solution with plenty of modules that are in ERPNext.

Our Vision, we’re a software house in Egypt we develop a CRM software solution for real estate companies. We have a strong CRM system that all our customer love it, but we need other modules beside our CRM like accounting, sales, and hr that’s why we are interested in ERPNext.

What we wanna do is to integrate our CRM system with ERPNext through APIs. I’ll provide ERPNext with all the data from our CRM and use the accounting module from ERPNext beside the other modules in ERPNext that don’t relate to our CRM like HR.

Sorry for the long introduction I just wanted to share with you my vision and my objective. I have some questions about the implementation of our integration.

1- Should I implement my business logic inside ERPNext or in a custom frappe app to not lose ERPNext updates?
2- Can my custom app be a module in ERPNext?
I’ve searched for that and tried a lot to install the library_management example app from the tutorial to ERPNext but the result wasn’t what I expected, I’ve installed my library management app on the same site with ERPNext but I can’t see any doctypes from the library in ERPNext.

3- Should my new DOCTypes be in ERPNext source code or in a custom app?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi, Your use case should be possible. Yes, you could sync you proprietry CRM with ERPNext with a custom application.
You already went the right path with the example app, but something went wrong.

I’d suggest you to spend some money for a ERPNext consultant that can take you by the hand.
Later on you’ll have enough knowledge to proceed with your team if you like.
Time to market will be way faster and you can omit a lot of headache.

ERPNext is suitable for your purpose

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Thanks a lot for your reply

You’re welcome.
If you need assistance to figure out your problem with the custom app, please provide more detailed information on what exactly is not working, if possible with some screenshots.

When someone reads a specific problem, it’s more likely to get help.
Anyway enjoy your implementation.

There are already some connectors, e.g. to sync with Google contacts or eshops with Woocommerce, etc. So I’m confident you can create a solution.

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thanks a lot i’ve reimplemented the custom app and it has worked fine in erpnext. I’m planning for my implementation right now and ask int he forum for any problems i face.
Thanks a lot for your fast replies.