Integration ERPnext with Grandstream UCM6301


Does any one try to integrate grandstream UCM6301 device with ERPnext CRM?

exactly I want to show a pop-up screen with a customer or lead information from ERPnext when the customer is called.

I can paid for this custom application

Any help?

Dear Mr. @Omar_Mohammed ,

You are referring to the IP based PBX systems with the following features (all / select) in place #

  1. Multiple Users / Simultaneous Calls
  2. Supports most of the features of NAT firewall.
  3. Good enough out of box support for 3rd party systems (CRM / TMS / PMS etc) using API.

By default it supports Salesforce & Sugar CRMs + decent PMS set-ups.

Standard ERP Next (out of box) support is not available. But GS supports fairly open and they also support multiple API formats including HTTPS, AMI, REC etc.

Fair bit of back-end DB level play is also possible - since it’s Maria DB again! Open source Telephony + Open Source DB - makes it a lot more “worth the try” kind of project!

I’m sure & confident we can work it out and make it happen!

Thank you, @Kabir can you contact me on this email