Integration of Devices on ERPNext

I want to Create a Form for Material Gate User who can fill the details of Materials recieved , which will be further notified and entry will be posted for approval to Store , Accounts & Quality Department .

Also the weight of Material to be fetch by external hardware ( weigh bridge )

Can we make it possible ?

Same for Outward Material , Material allowed to dispatch should be indicated on gate system and the user will mark as dispatched once he sent that out. Making complete paper less process.

@Ashish_Dhingra ERPNext is pretty easy to integrate with using REST APIs

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Unfortunatelly the link you provide is broken. Error 404

I want to know if a weight machine used to measure the weight of, for example, a couple of onions, and ERPNext can calculate their price based on pound base price?

Even I can be deeper…
Can we connect different kind of Hardware and use them and use them seamlessly, or with too much trouble?

Thank you in advance.



Thank you so much @hereabdulla

I will take a look, for sure.

Once again, Thank you. :slight_smile:

is there any way to get notifications our of ERPNext in case of certain events. I.e can I register a webhook if the stock goes below a certain value.