Integration of Ebay & Paypal with the ERPNext

How can we Integrate Ebay & Paypal with the ERPNext


ERPNext has rest API which allows integrating it with other applications. Check following link to learn more.

For raise priority for the development of this feature, you can consider Paid Feature Development plan.

I have same questions but asking after 6 years to hope there is different answer! Does ERPNext now provide out of the box/native integration with eBay like it does for Amazon? if not is there a paid plugin we can buy to add this feature into ERPNext installation?

We have it on our list of things we want to do, but these projects are bigger than they look: APIs | eBay Developers Program

Thank you Michael for coming back to me.

  1. Do you have an ETA for this or its just a roadmap item for now?
  2. Is there anything community can do it push feature this up the list?
  3. Is there an interim workflow through which ERPNext’s products/stock/images can be sent to ebay via another tool or data format?

Many thanks

Hey @Saalmaan.

  • I wouldn’t call it an “ETA”, but it is one of Big Projects that we want to do in 2021 (along with some other integrations.)
  • On the question of community, I would certainly not wait on us. I have lots of things on my Big Projects list and most of them are carryovers from previous YEARS. #justSaying
  • There are two big reasons we might bump it.
  1. We are able to simulate most of the data via an integration with ShipStation. That allows us to get Orders, Customers and more. Obviously ShipStation handles other channels as well so we have been working to tighten up that system because it gets us “most of the way” to our goal.
  2. Building a direct connector would let us pick up more data (fees, payments, refunds, etc) and we could write data (product info, inventory) but for our customers that are already selling same/similar items on Amazon, we quickly get to a place were we need to build a full PIM (Product Information Manager) to manage root products and the variations that they sell in different channels.
    … and then there are Advertising expenses…

…this is what Steve and I call a “mushroom” problem. It starts small and 3 days later it is huge.

Have been trying to evaluate efforts for a connector for ebay at my end and I realized its not going to be easy and quick. There is a considerable amount of effort here and will be time consuming.

In the mean time has any figured out a good third party connector that one can use for the time being which wont burn a hole in the pocket ?