Integration of Time Attendance System with ERPNext


I have done the integration for my TimeAttendance System(ESSL-SF100) but the data is not pushed from the TimeAttendance system to ERPNext. I can see the below error in the error log.
294 ERROR Error during ERPNext API Call.
Please help.

You need to provide much more information, before anyone can possibly help you.

Please show the code of the command that sent the request to the ERPNext API and the payload of the request.


As you asked I have provided details to you through the email which you sent.

Can you help me as soon as possible, please?

Secret conversations about technical problems totally defeat the point of a public forum where anyone can offer assistance and everyone can learn and benefit from seeing resolution of the difficulties others have encountered.

Over the past several years I have posted a large number of difficulties I have been unable to resolve on my own. They are easily available to you. Look at them. Observe that I try to be as brief as possible but provide all the information that an expert would need. Observe that I make the fullest possible use of the editor functions to highlight exactly where the problem is. I do this because doing less means that my future questions will be ignored!

Also … be aware that I did not send you an email. I do not know who did. It is very possible you are being scammed.