Integration with Amazon, Snapdeal, and Flipkart

What would be the approx time and cost required for integrating Amazon Seller Central this way?.

If you’re paying someone. It’ll landup in custom app just like many other connectors!

I believe the only way to add it as connector in core is to scratch your own itch. The day I sell anything on Amazon I’ll put it myself. I’m not selling anything on Amazon right now. If you wish to try development I’ll help you code for free on PR!


Has the Amazon integration happened as i personally would be interested in gaining more knowledge. Thanks

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Nope! the foundation had no itch!

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do you wish to collaborate? i have a requirements too correct to amazon, ebay…


Can we integrate API of Unicommerce or uniware, they already done the integration with INDIAN and USA marketplaces.

Now they started for orace, sap etc so.

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I’ve explored on the internet to find if I can get any python client library to make API calls for managing orders and inventory. But I couldn’t find any. I would like to try developing amazon connector (similar to Shopify) as we need to integrate to our ERP. Can you guide me on this?

Also, I request developers if anyone wants to contribute.

yes we have the team researching into amazon api for integration with erpnext. also exploring mediums like Zapier, piesync and Cangaroo. how can we synergize, let me know

Any news on this? We too sell on and Im highly interested in a connector for invoice and inventory import/push/sync.

I can help any devs as far as I can but im not a dev - I’m just an IT Technician with very basic coding skills.
The only thing I could help you is testing and feedback I think.


There is a pending PR for Amazon MWS integration, submitted by @Pawan

How Can I use this PR now? Could you help me with that?

Thanks @strixaluco

You can install erpnext version 11 and try it out. Here is the link to the user manual

Thank you. So I just installed the newest production version of erpnext.

I can’t use it now right?
Will this come in the future as without an Amazon integration erpnext is a lot of manual work with manually regularly importing my reports by hand… :frowning:

If you have production server on version 11 then you should have the integration feature related to Amazon.

I’m sorry there is no app available for Amazon in the integrations.

Anyways pretty few apps available here. I read about woo commerce integration too but haven’t found such things for now…

Sorry I don’t know which version currently gets installed with the easy install script… How can I find this out?

If you’ve set up production, you have most likely installed v10.

You can check the version by running bench version command in the frappe-bench folder.

Alternatively, in the system, you can go to Help > About to check the current version.


Yes you’re right.

How can I upgrade to v11. Found some topics but no concrete guide how to do it so far.


Follow this. If you face issue of Frappe migrating to V11 staging and ERPNext on V10 master then check git/config file directly in the erpnext folder. Edit it to reflect is as below


This is how I did it. Worked fine.

hi everyone has anyone tried to integrate etsy here?