Integration with Big Commerce using REST API

Hi !

I m trying to integrate erpnext app with Big-Commerce using REST API without modifying back-end code base.

Is there any way to trigger the custom scripts without user interaction that will continuously fetch the data using REST API from big Commerce and then save the data to the database(Just like as Nodejs Live Notification).

Please guide me if there is any way to integrate with big commerce using front-end side customization.


Use python requests to interact with Big Commerce REST API

I can think of using scheduler_events in for “without user interaction” part.

Thanks @revant_one for your respond ! But for making these changes i need to have back-end access to their cloud server that i don’t have. i just want to call REST API using javascript.

Yes ! you are very right , we can achieve this using back-end programming(Python) and hooks the events in

But if i try with javascript can i achieve this or not (Only using front-end Customization)?

If not then i’ll try to integrate erpnext with big Commerce by creating custom app.


I think that is the right way - erpnext_shopify/erpnext_shopify/ at develop · frappe/erpnext_shopify · GitHub

Thanks @revant_one for your quick Respond and saving my time!