Integration with Google Data Studio

Is it possible for ERPNext to integrate with Google Data Studio? If yes, then how?

What do you mean by “integrate”? If you wish to use Google Data Studio, you will need to connect MySQL (MariaDB) as a source to your data studio. Depending on where you host your DB, you might need to open the ports, get the ip address and provide it to GDS and then query what you need to do there…

I hope this helps.

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Hi Tariq,

Google Data Studio can connect to ERPNext database.

Here is my suggestion :

  1. Create a new user in ERPNext Database specific to Google Data Studio
  2. On your ERPNext server, allow inbound access to Google Data Studio ip addresses (see below)
  3. On Google Data Studio, create a new datasource type MySQL
  4. Enjoy

Here is the ip address range you should allow for inbound access to your ERPNext server :

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Thank you so much Saxoprane. You will be my Guru if this works.

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Thank you.

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Were you able to @Tariq151

Has somebody tried it for restAPI based integration?