Integration with Just Dial

Whether any member has done Just Dial Integration with ERPNext.

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@CA_B.C_Chechani did u found a solution buddy ?

JustDial doesn’t provide any official APIs to fetch data. However, there are few unofficial APIs & scrappers which can be used to fetch data. But you need to check if it is legally allowed or if it violates T&C of JustDial website.

Once you have an api to fetch data, you can schedule jobs to fetch and update data in ERPNext.

We integrated Justdial api by providing api for erpnext to just dial team and they integrated and we are getting leads in erpnext since months. They are pushing lead data to erpnext.

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Can you explain this? Did you contact their support team for this?

yes pls tell how ?

Yes, Just Dial have activated from thier side and my client get activated by contacted JustDial . We written end points from our side.

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can u give step by step instruction pls… pls ,pls

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@CA_B.C_Chechani can we please have an instruction guide to follow for this integration?

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super sir… i need this integreation sir…may you help us sir? just give the steps or contact numbers . or if yoy do the integer service ,please do it for me , we are ready to pay service fee. our number is 7200171799, YUVI HOME CARE.