Integration with Moodle3?


Is there any integration of Schools module of ERPNext with Moodle LMS? Any pointers?

Reading ERPNext school LMS module), I felt like reinventing the wheel. An ERPNext/Frappe connector to moodle would be simple, imho. If some moodle features are redundant for certain institutions, they can simply disable that specific feature, instead of creating everything from scratch.

just my two paise. Thanks!


This is discussed in ERPNext school LMS module - #15 by Shrikant

@spoojary, I wish you read what I mentioned in the OT. I do not see any reason to refer to the same link as in the OT.

Instead of reinventing the wheel, why not to integrate ERPNext Education with mature and feature-rich Moodle?

Interesting, you went through the other thread completely, yet felt you are bringing a new dimension to that discussion.

I don’t see anything from you in other thread. So I assume you meant ‘about other thread’. Still, I don’t see anything worthwhile from you not already covered in other thread. Anyways, to make it easier, the suggestion is only to implement few highly used features. It is like 80-20 rule and makes perfect sense. Having said that, if you think moodle integration is better, feel free experiment with that and come back with some contribution, It would be really appreciated.