Integration with Restaurant POS (Future POS) system

check GitHub - bailabs/tailpos: TailPOS an Offline First Open Source POS for ERPNext

There’s no indication of this working for restaurants. Why post it here?

Thank you @adam26d!

It’s free and it’s POS. Anyone can use it/contribute to it. So what’s the problem?

Have you used it in a real environment?

yes we did.

How can we access that script?

I tried to install but I didn’t know , can u explain to me how can I install samba pos and integrat it with erpnext v13 as well as on Ubuntu 18.04

I managed to pull and create invoices into erpnext but didn’t finish developing the app because the project was cancelled, that’s about how far this project went. Not very elegant IMO

Important Note

Modifying the SambaPOS database interferes with the SambaPOS metrik App, which is the mobile app that sambapos uses for reporting. I think they were using column numbers in their sql rather than names. But you might not need to use this app when you connect to ERPNext