Integration with Restaurant POS (Future POS) system

Hello Every one,
I am looking for a Connector to integrate our Restaurant Point of Sale system with ERP NEXT.

POS System is Future POS. We would prefer to have an online interface so that the inventory in the restaurant store is maintained in real time. Do let me know what information you need from Future POS to get this working. Also if a custom connector is to be created we are happy to pay for it.

Any help would be really appreciated.


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Hi Hassebali427

I would like to ask you how was your experience integrating the POS to ERP Next and if the system was able to handle your inventory requirements also the bank reconciliation and movements.


Hello Haseeb,

Any updates on your application, and how many customer’s do you have for it now?

@techyidiots you have left option but to delete your post about the private applications. Request you to prevent making such posts.

!!! desperate looking for this, I have some clients waiting for me the last 5 months

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We’ve just finished creating a script that sync’s SambaPOS invoices to ERPNext. Will be sharing the code once I make time to remove the logins and other sensitive information. If this can help you I am willing to do this privately for now.

The next part is to do production and consumption of stock for each synched sales invoice and properly document the setup. Some help on this part will be hugely appreciated.

@mukuka @Duncan_Nkhata @mwitmoz


Hi Adam,

Inventory will be the critical element. Please let me know when you have this ready with stock synchronisation as well.



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Sure Haseeb

We’re looking at getting it done this coming week

Hi Adam, Am dealing with Sambapos and have been thinking over how this intergration can be done.It will be a great achievement

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It really is an excellent POS. Do you code?

I can do minimal on python

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We used FrappeCentral API, its a crude solution. We read the sql server with pyodbc and then upload via the API, items, UOMs, Groups, then Invoices. I’ll share soon, though I’d be happyto get some help

@adam26d oh man! that would be amazing! Regarding inventory sync; when you sync invoices, doesn’t ERPNext updates quantities by making material transfer? I guess


Good Question @eagoweb

ERPNext Indeed can do this but remember that in a restaurant your selling end products and the stock deduction should be done on the Raw Materials / Ingredients.

So to solve this we’ll need to make a BOM (Recipe) for each sales Item and then do Production-type Stock Entries or actual production then a Sales Invoice with Stock ticked, this should do all the proper posting that ERPNext needs

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Better to use product bundle as a BOM instead of Production BOM. This will not be applicable if you plan to have take away bom separate than dine in bom to take into consideration the packaging material stock.

Feel free to tag me if you have any more questions, we do restaurant pos but not on erp as we never got any serious restaurant client who can handle inventory control, as restaurant inventory control is the most hectic daily task only few big restaurants can handle in our region.

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There’s quite a long way to go but here’s a starting point. Some input would be greatly appreciated

Is using product bundle able to handle the waste/yield cause by processing the ingredient (meat trimming, etc)?

Hi Adam, I’m eager to learn about your samba-erpnext integration.
How do you handle the sync of the sales invoice? Is it real-time per transaction or bulk during eod only

When there is price discount given in samba because of various promotions, how do you record the discount program/value in erpnext? In erpnext sales invoice, is the discount given recorded per item line, or is it recorded as a lump sump (maybe in additional discount section or sales tax and charges section) thus only total $$ discount value is recorded, but the discount is not linked directly to each item line?

Many thanks in advance for your sharing

Hello @bobiskandar

The connector picks up the items sold and their unit selling prices, discounts or promo’s of any sort are not recognised. From this data it directly creates a paid sales invoice in ERPNext.

This is the only functionality that’s been developed for now.

The script runs independently of both ERPNext and SambaPOS, its a python script running with Windows Scheduler (SambaPOS is windows only). The interval is up to you, 5/10 minutes is recommended after the initial sync.

Thanks for the response
Appreciate it!