Inter Company Invoice:Working?

Dear All ,I don’t know whether any one has successfully used Inter Company Invoice.I have perfectly followed the instruction but is not working.After submitting a purchase invoice for internal supplier,all went well but when i clicked on make inter company invoice,this error message came up “Selected Price List should have buying and selling fields checked.” I went to modify the item to have a price list that has both the selling and buying fields selected and made an effort.At the point of saving the invoice,the system said the default purchase price list was selected for the item which ultimately made the usage of Inter Company Invoice not to work because the system ignored the default price that has both the buying and selling selected.
If you have used this feature kindly let me know how you overcame this.But if this is a bug let the Team help out.

@nabinhait sorry for tagging you. I don’t know whether my observation about Intercompany invoices is correct. Can Intercompany invoice be used as it in version 11? If it can’t be used, any hope? Your actions will be highly appreciated in this matter

just ran a first test with multi-company and ran into the exact same problem

What I did was

  1. create a pricelist wich is buying/selling (just for the intercompany service item I am trying to use)
  2. create an item “intercompany service” (using the price list from #erpnext-version-1
  3. create & submit a Sales Invoice from the company which is an “Internal Supplier”
  4. go the “Make Intercompany Invoice” routine from within the Sales Invoice"

the same error message appears when doing it the other way around (starting with a purchase invoice from the “Internal Customer” Company and creating an Inter Company Invoice from that Purchase Invoice.

@Fred1have you made any progress with this thus far? if not, did you create a github issue yet?

Got stuck since that time.The Github issue is not raised.But @nabinhait promised to addressed the issue and have reminded him once after his promise.I just wonder that NOT even one person is using Inter Company arrangements in ERPNext because the feature is not usable

your are you on v11, right @Fred1 ? That’s what I am working with.

Have you tested v12 on that feature yet?

No.I have not tested it v12

I am not getting make inter company invoice option only inspite of doing all the setting as suggested in inter company sales purchase invoice menus and guidelines. Using latest version 12.5

Everything working fine with v13.20.1
Documentation lacks information about item configuration:

  1. company information
  2. Sales Details