Inter Company Journal cannot be used in real life situation

Currently inter company journal cannot be used in real life situation.Once accounts are not selected in the COA as Inter Company Account,it will not be available when making inter company journal.And once that account is selected it will not be available for normal transaction
For inter company journal to be usable,all accounts in COA should be selectable otherwise all accounts have to be duplicated while one for normal transactions and the other is for Inter Company Account which in real life implementation cannot be done.
Dear Team,help to make all accounts in COA selectable when making Inter Company Journal.


@nabinhait sorry for tagging you. I know this might have escaped your view and comment and action. Kindly help to give life to this important feature

Thanks for reporting the issue, will remove the filter for account selection.

Great.Deeply appreciate. What about the intercompany sales and purchase orders that are also not functioning well?

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