Inter Company Transactions- HO and 2 Branches

Dear Team,
I have a doubt in the inter company transactions.

I have a HO Company and 2 branches.
HO Company sells goods to both the branches.

So I created an internal customer for one of the branches and selected the options ‘Is internal customer’ ,‘Allowed to transact with- HO Company’
The system successfully saved the customer.

Now after this when I tried to create another customer for branch 2, the system is giving a pop up saying ‘Internal customer already exists for the company’

After going through the edocs i understood that we can create only one internal customer against a company, but can someone pls explain the logic/reason for the same?

Because in my scenario, the HO Company is selling goods to both the branches- branch 1 and branch 2, so ofcourse, in the books of the HO, I will have to create 2 customers and mark them as internal customers only.

Please suggest and help me with the issue.

Thanks & Regards,
Shriram Sheshadri

Only one Internal Customer is applicable for a company. So you can maintain only one Internal Customer for your all branches. Better you have to create multiple addresses against one Internal customer and select the address while billing. Tell me your branches has different gstin??


Thank you for this new suggestion/idea.
I think this idea can be implemented, we can enter the addresses of both the branches in the same customer’s data and then change them at the invoicing level in the addresses and contacts.

And answering your question,
Yes, that is the major differentiation in the company.
The PAN is the same for all the 3 companies, but gstin is unique
HO, Branch 1 and 2 have unique gstins and unique registered addresses.

HO Company is in Rajasthan,
Branch 1 in Tamil Nadu
Branch 2 in Hyderabad,

So in the books of HO, I will have to create 2 customers as Mumbai Branch and Bangalore Branch, but system is not allowing.

Pls suggest/help if possible, else I will follow your suggested option.

Transaction for internal customer, we need to create different warehouses for each branch to do the stock transfer. In sales invoice or delivery note select the branch warehouse as target warehouse. After the transactions we can track the sales by using sales register report by warehouse and customer filter. Also we can get gst wise transactions in gst sales register

Thank you so much for the explanation. This is definitely an easy option for maintaining inter branch transactions, however I want to know the logic why multiple internal customers cannot be created in the first place.
If multiple customers can be created, then this issue gets solved automatically.
In my scenario, there are just 2 branches, so it will not be an issue to create 2 whs for the same.
But where there are multiple branches across the country for a company, it will be very difficult to maintain separate warehouses under erpnext, because the ho is selling the same product across their branches.

So the process might become cumbersome in my point.

Please suggest if there is an answer to this.
Thanks .