Inter company transactions

I’ve posted something similar before but maybe the new version is able to do this.

I have two companies: XXX and YYY. XXX is my sales office and YYY is my warehouse. I would like to create a sales order in XXX and YYY ships the order to the customer. I can create a SO and PO on company XXX; then company YYY manually creates it’s own SO and DN. But is there a way for XXX to “send” the order to YYY so that it automatically creates a SO in YYY, so that I don’t have to do double entry? This would be similar to YYY being a drop-ship supplier. But somehow because YYY is actually a company in erpNext it would create the sales order automatically in YYY. When YYY creates the DN this would tell XXX that the shipment has been shipped.

or maybe at the very least I can export the PO from XXX and import it as a SO into YYY?

In general, are there any transactions that can be made from one company to another?

Thank all.

Unfortunately inter company transactions are still not possible.