Interactive Linking to DocType entities and DocType lists

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We are currently using ERPNext to document our quality critical work and process instructions such as “Incoming Goods Procedure” that lay out exactly what an employee must do and how. Within this we need to link to other DocType lists such as “Customers” or to DocType entities such as a specific customer or an item. When linking to a DocType list we need to be able to set filters for example to show a list of all non-blocked / approved vendors / suppliers. Or a list of all current employees, etc. etc.

Now in the help of “Note” I found the sentence:

Help: To link to another record in the system, use “#Form/Note/[Note Name]” as the Link URL. (don’t use “http://”)

Something that would be amazing would be if you click the Insert Link icon in a Text Editor if it would not only allow adding a URL but rather would allow to either link to an list of a DocType such as Customers with certain filters applied or if if would allow to link to a specific entity of a DocType such as our individual work instructions aka DocType “Instruction”.

What do you think @rushabh_mehta and @anand is this something worth considering? With that we factually have a sort of Wiki system and we have a way for companies to write their own individual instructions that link directly to documents or to lists with applied filters.

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Can you raise an issue on github?

Anand Doshi


Of course @anand I have created it as an issue on Github at Interactive Linking to DocType entities and DocType lists · Issue #4619 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

I have to say that in the past weeks I have tended to write more emails or forum posts to you guys than github issues, I had some feeling that things get picked up more than with the github issues. I am very grateful to your replies on email, github and on this forum. Humans have a tendency to use the channel that has the biggest effect rather than the propre channel (github in this case).