Interchange Data between 2 ERPNext Sites in Real Time


I have an ERPNext setup with 2 sites:

  1. site1.local with apps: frappe and erpnext
  2. site2.local with apps: frappe and erpnext

These 2 sites are 2 different tenants having different databases.

Is there a way to interchange data between the 2 tenants/sites through REST API?
If cannot be done through REST API is there any function or mechasim in order to be able to interchange data between 2 ERPNext sites in real time?

Is this achievable througn
how do I use to integrate 2 erpnext from 2 differents sites?

Yes, its possible. You write a python script that connects to both instances and exchange data as you need. You can follow the example code in frappeclient github. If you need specific help, send me a pm.

Thanks I will look into the example.

Hi @kirthi Could you please share that script for me? I really want this.

Thanks in advance!