Interested in more SMS/MMS/Text messaging functionality?

I know that ERPNext has some level of built-in SMS functionality, but it’s not very useful. For instance, from what I can tell, it can only be used to send messages from a single phone number, which makes it very impractical for departments like Sales to use.

I built a relatively simple application that adds more SMS/MMS functionality. As it is now, it only works with the Twilio API, but that’s only because that’s what I use for my customers and myself. I could easily extend it to use most providers.

It includes things like:

Text Message Templates: Similar to Email Templates, but for text messages.
“Send Text” Buttons: Buttons placed in several ERPNext DocTypes (Leads, Prospects, and Opportunities, for example). You can also easily add buttons anywhere you want with a client script.
Number Intelligence: Uses the Twilio Number API to verify that a number is actually a mobile number.
Create Communication on successful message: Creates a new ‘Communication’ Document with the details of the message.
Format Phone Numbers: Take phone numbers in various formats and reformat them to match the requirement by the API provider (Twilio requires numbers in E164 format, for example).

If anybody is interested in using it with a Twilio provider, I’d like to know what provider you use and what country you’re in (so I can get a sense of what the more popular providers are).

If there are enough people interested, I can publish it on github. Perhaps Frappe could implement it directly in ERPNext?