Internal Material Request Management

Is there any module/app which includes the functionality of Internal
Material Request Management, which handles material requests made by
internal employees of departments, that can be converted to purchase
Requisition or RFQ.

Hi @frecontact ! You may want to Check Stock Entry with purpose : “Material Issue”. But if you use this, the item must already be in stock to be issued. You can also use Material Request with type: “Material Issue”. Once submitted, it will allow you to create Stock Entry - Material Issue.


Dear creamdory,

What about for fixed assets items, for example in our company we have
Laptops which is treated as fixed assets, how can i issue to employee.


Hi @frecontact. Try to look at this documentation here. There is a section explaining Asset movement. Though it is like a warehouse transfer, I believe you can customize some portion like creating a virtual/dummy warehouse for issuance and tagging employee’s when moving. Hope this helps!

Thank you.

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