Internal Server Error and data disappeared


My server(VM) was running for long and users were using the system.
Yesterday, after rebooting of the server (VM and Physical both), “Internal Server Error” was appearing.
Then I found that “developer_mode”:1 was commented (by //) in the common_site_config.json. After uncomment of this, the server is getting access.

However, I do not see the users data. It is showing my initial setup data along with some data imported by Data Import Tool.

Please advice, what happened and how to get back all data.


@umair, request you to see this issue. I am in trouble.

Some suggestions you might consider and report back -

  • refer to the ERPNext logs and /var/log for suspect problems
  • run some diagnostic and sanity checks
  • inspect the db ‘bench mysql’ etc

This forum is full of advice - the more you can tell us the better

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